A better view! Gildardo Leyva paints the curb of the Municipal Palace in yellow


With this measure, the mayor of El Fuerte seeks that tourists and visitors to the magical town can enjoy the splendor of the historic building

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El Fuerte Sinaloa. – In order to encourage tourism and, above all, to show off the architectural beauty of the historic building of the Municipal Palace, Mayor Gildardo Leyva Ortega painted the sidewalks that surround the Executive campus in yellow.

The municipal president explained that this measure seeks to free up the space for cars so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular view offered by such an emblematic building, which is an architectural gem.

“It is about giving a better impression for all the visitors of this magical town, granting them all, places worthy of representatives of our municipality,” said Leyva Ortega.

Leyva Ortega emphasized that along with this measure that is aimed at tourist interest, he also works in rural communities and in different areas to improve the conditions of the municipality.

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