Mazatlan real estate boom increases demand for personnel


The development of the city continues to increase, investments in towers, hotels, and other activities continue in the destination and now what is needed is personnel to work

MAZATLÁN.- The real estate ‘boom’ in Mazatlán is a reality in the port, more and more lands are seen with construction materials, and the Mazatlan Council approves projects in an excessive way, however, what is not seen is labor.

According to the president of the Mazatlán College of Civil Engineers, Ramón Antonio Osuna Osuna, the builders have had to look for labor in other parts of the Mexican Republic to achieve compliance with the projects.

“It is a blessed problem, that is a reality, we employ manpower personally and we share it with friends, that is why we have to bring foreign labor,” said Osuna Osuna. 

The reality is that the port is not only expanding vertically but also horizontally. In October alone, the Mazatlan Cabildo approved 11 new subdivisions.

Roberto Osuna mentioned that, for the first time in many years, the city faces this situation of looking for people in different parts of the country, in order to get the projects out in the coming months.

He added that some members of the union have thought of putting centers where they can house people to bring in workers who occupy so much.

Source: punto.m

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