In Mazatlán, the approval of 15 new subdivisions are pending and in-process says Planning


In order for a new subdivision to be built, a series of requirements, procedures and everything that the Law stipulates must be met, explained Jorge Estavillo Kelly

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Sustainable Urban Development Planning area will leave pending and pending authorization by the council, the projects for the construction of around 15 new subdivisions in Mazatlán.

The director Jorge Estavillo Kelly, specified that a few weeks ago Planning approved what they call a vocational opinion and plan for 11 new subdivisions, in order to continue with their procedures to be able to specify the creation of the new settlement.

“In subdivisions nothing else is what remains pending, which are around 15 subdivisions. – What will they have to wait for the next administration? -. Yes, because it depends on their timing and it is not that the Planning Department has them retained for any reason, that is, they do not reach the approval stage in the plenary session of the Cabildo ”, he explained.  

The official specified that in order for a new subdivision to be built, a series of requirements, procedures, and procedures must be met and everything stipulated by the Law must be fulfilled, and subsequently, it is passed to the Cabildo for approval.

Finally, Estavillo Kelly stated that the delivery-receipt process is going very well because everything is checked, verified, and audited.


The Mazatlan Post