The first plastic fishing tournament starts in Topolobampo


Topolobampo, Sinaloa. Excited businessmen, municipal authorities and gas and Petrochemical personnel from the west gave the starting signal to the 20 vessels that are participating in this first plastic fishing tournament in the port of Topolobampo.

The director of the GPO project Víctor Hugo Vaca Cuellar stated that the objective of this tournament is to collect the greatest amount of plastic within the bay of Ohuira, Topolobampo and Santa María, an event with the purpose of creating awareness among society and being able to care of our seas.

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The director of Gas and petrochemicals affirmed that the fishermen will have a time of 5 hours in order to collect the largest possible palatine from these waters.

The motivation for competing is to support the decontamination of the bay as well as the attractive economic prizes.

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During the opening event, Leonardo Félix was in charge of welcoming the participants and, above all, recognizing each one of them for joining this tournament with a cause.

Arturo Mercado, secretary of economy, attended on behalf of Mayor Juan Fierro and stressed that the municipal authorities are aware of these events and reiterated their support for the GPO project.

The Mazatlan Post