Mayor of Mazatlán downplays police assault on journalists


It is enough to see the video that circulates on social networks for Internal Affairs to channel the file to the Honor and Justice Commission, says the lawyer

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mayor of MazatlánLuis Guillermo Benítez Torres, should not minimize the excessive use of force used by police elements against surfers and two photojournalists from a news portal, said lawyer José Guadalupe Morales Carrillo.

The General Coordinator of the United Lawyers Group of Mazatlán indicated that it is not a question of saying that he is going to investigate what happened when it is clear what happened to the people attacked and that it was documented in videos on social networks.

He stated that Mayor Benítez Torres should not take this aggression by the police elements lightly.

“It is totally reprehensible, as a lawyer I emphasize it, we will always be aware of these situations, we join the claim, just as journalists are in solidarity in all the calls we make to them, and in this case, we cannot continue to allow them to continue. giving these atrocities, because even the important work that they do before society is not respected, we are facing a failure in the municipal administration and the Secretary of Public Security himself who does not act, “ said Morales Carrillo.

Whoever was also a member of the Commission of Honor and Justice of the Secretary of Public Security, indicated that it is enough that the folder of aggression by Internal Affairs is integrated, since only the visible elements of excessive use of force and the abuse of authority of the video to proceed against those responsible.

“Regardless of whether the agents want to cover the sun with a finger, there is a recording that shows them as people really closed to understanding and also putting practices that can no longer be allowed because we cannot accept that the authority is the authority. that is attacking, ”he said.

The lawyer Morales Carrillo considered it as totally inappropriate and disqualified, so he ruled that the regulations that regulate the behavior of police officers apply and there is no turning of the page.

“For now, they should be suspended for at least 15 days while the process begins and that should urge the Internal Affairs department to turn the matter over to the Honor and Justice Commission … Even the omission of the Internal Affairs coordinator it also makes the Secretary of Security responsible, if they do not comply with their task of consigning to the Honor and Justice Commission ”, he warned.


Police elements used excessive use of force when they arrested some surfers and two photojournalists from a Mazatlán news portal who were recording the action.


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