Warning: tropical storm Pamela could hit Sinaloa as a hurricane



It is expected that in the coming days it will hit the lands of Sinaloa

On Sunday, the tropical storm Pamela formed on the Pacific coast and threatens to gain the strength of a hurricane, as it moves towards the coasts of the state of Sinaloa, where it is expected to hit in the coming days.


According to the National Meteorological Service, the tropical storm is located southwest of the coasts of Colima and Jalisco and may intensify into a hurricane during the afternoon-night, the circulation of this will cause very strong punctual rains in Sinaloa, Nayarit, and Jalisco.

The SMN meteorologist highlighted the storm will cause very heavy rains, as well as heavy rains in Durango, Colima, and Michoacán; it will implement the swell of 1 to 2 meters, and its winds will go from 50 to 60 kilometers per hour.

“It is expected that during the course of Tuesday it will become hurricane one and closer to the coast between the first hours of Wednesday and a possible impact between Tepehuaya and Mazatlán during the first hours of Wednesday; The next 24 hours are key, we are aware of the system since it is close to the coasts, it is bordering them and the cloud bands will leave important rains, and because of the winds and waves in all the states that will be affected.

For its part, data from Conagua indicate that in the state today a clear sky is expected in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon with very strong occasional rains in Sinaloa, with a cool environment in the morning and hot to very hot in the afternoon. .

Choix again will be the hottest municipality in the state, reaching a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 21.

For the capital of Sinaloa, the highest temperature will be 35 degrees Celsius, hoping that in Culiacán, a minimum temperature of 25 degrees can be felt.

On the other hand, the Port of Mazatlán has a predicted maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, but with a thermal sensation of 35, expecting to feel a minimum of 25

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