Mazatlan florists prepare for Day of the Dead


The flower market traders expect an increase in their sales of at least 40%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Florists from the Mercado de Las Flores de Mazatlán prepare with product for the celebration of the Day of the Dead, where they expect an increase in their sales of 40%.

Carmen Osuna, owner of a business in that area, said that they have good sales expectations, taking into account that the cemeteries will be open and that Covid infections in Mazatlán have gone down.

“It has been only half up to now, but more is sold when the mere day is approaching, last year, with the opening of pantheons, it was not so bad,” he recalled.

He mentioned that they expect a sales percentage of 40% higher than the previous year, in which despite the Covid pandemic, people bought more than expected.

He explained that although they sell the marigold flower that symbolizes the Day of the Dead in Mexico, it is not as popular in Mazatlan as small bouquets and flower arrangements are.

“Here we do not sell as much the marigold as the other flowers, since there are merchants who are placed outside the pantheons to exclusively sell this flower, so it is easier for people to buy it in these places than in flower shops,” he said. .

Florists have good sales expectations for November 1 and 2, as thousands of people visit the deceased faithful in the cemeteries and bring them flowers and offerings.


The Mazatlan Post