Mazatlan authorities are looking for cruise ship tourists to visit rural communities of the port


Tour operators agree to put together packages for shipping companies

Mazatlán.- To take cruise ship tourists to rural communities in the port and reactivate their economy, the Government of Mazatlán, through the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, met with tour operators and restaurant owners from La Noria, El Habal, Veranos, and the Picachos Dam.

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Luis Eusebio Terán Tirado, head of the agency, commented that for cruise tourism to visit these rural communities, it will be vital to develop attractive packages for shipping companies, and positive for those who depend on rural tourism.


He stressed that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres aims to bring cruise tourism to these syndicates as soon as possible since they not only have wonderful natural attractions, but also unique gastronomy.

“So that somehow they can tell us what to do, what these communities need so that they can start to reactivate this tourism of cruise ships, in what way they are going to fish the dam, in what way they go up from the dam there to Veranos.

Mazatlán suma otra oferta turística en la zona rural: el circuito  Picachos-Veranos"

“And we need your guideline to tell us if you need to train people, you need to improve the roads, you need cleaning in the restaurants, you need to improve the food, whatever you think or believe is necessary,” he added.

Arranca el circuito turístico Mazatlán-Picachos-Veranos | Sinaloa /  Reacción Informativa

During the meeting, the development of attractive packages for shipping companies was agreed, as well as the improvement of the tourist infrastructure of these communities and the training of personnel.

Turismo Rural: El Quelite “Acciones con muy buenas razones”- Mazatlán  Interactivo

El Quelite is distinguished as a successful case of rural tourism in Latin America

Within the framework of the festivities of World Tourism Day 2020 celebrated on September 27 and whose headquarters were the “Mercosur” countries made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, having, in turn, Chile as an observer, the celebrations for “Tourism and rural development”, a segment with high development potential and which has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit during this health emergency.

Tourism and Rural Development

The purpose of promoting rural tourism is to create opportunities in those territories where it becomes essential to preserve the cultural and natural heritage that identifies them and for Sinaloa, it was a pleasant surprise and great pride that the Señorial Town of “El Quelite” was selected within the five success stories in rural tourism throughout Latin America.

El Quelite, Sinaloa is a stately town located 42 kilometers from the port of Mazatlán taking the Mazatlán-Culiacán / México 15N highway , approximately 42 minutes away. From the moment you approach its surroundings, the wild and country flavor envelops you, crossing its cobbled and narrow streets, framed by the multicolored period houses where the terraces are a true tradition. This town has gradually become one of the essential visits for all visitors to Mazatlán and its development has been largely due to the drive and tenacity of its inhabitants and Dr. Marcos Gabriel Osuna Tirado, a native of that town and who currently owns one of the town’s most traditional restaurants: “El Mesón de los Laureanos”.


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