Public services collapsing in Mazatlán


Of the thousand 534 reports that were received in September, 47.6% correspond to faults in the lights

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In the month of September, the Directorate of Citizen Attention received 1,534 reports or complaints about failures in public services, of these 47.6% (560) correspond to failures in public lighting, said Eric Vega Breceda, Director of the dependency.

He said that month after month, Public Lighting is the department that receives the most reports, mainly for luminaires in poor condition or out of service. He added that Ecology is in second place, with 171 reports, mainly for animals in the street and felling trees. without permission.

With 159 reports, for leaks of sewage and drinking water, there is the Jumapam; in fourth place, Public Works with 134 reports, mainly due to potholes. The rest of the reports, 510, correspond in less turnout to dependencies and departments such as Urban Cleaning, Parks and Gardens, Planning, Public Safety, among others.

Taking into account that even before the passage of the “Nora” meteorological phenomenon, the average number of monthly complaints through the Citizen Service system was 1,000, these increased by 50% in the last month.

Taking stock of what this triennium has been, he pointed out that 48 thousand reports have been received from November 2018 to September 2021.

He assured that, in general, the dependencies close with a 90% response effectiveness. Vega Breceda added that it is important that the citizen provide the address where the fault is, such as address number, street name, and neighborhood so that it is easier to locate.

Drain leaks are reported to Jumapam. 

In case it is a state or federal service, he indicated, a telephone number is provided or, where possible, they are helped to contact the corresponding installation.


  • Public Lighting: 560
  • Ecology: 171
  • Jumapam: 159
  • Public Works: 134
  • Urban Cleaning, Parks and Gardens, Planning, Public Safety, among others: 510


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