Blood donors needed! Yamileth, a young woman run over in Mazatlán on stand by for surgery


She went to the store for milk and now she is fighting for her life: Yamileth was run over and left to her fate

The 14-year-old girl now needs help to survive, as the person responsible for the brutal accident fled and now the medical expenses are unaffordable for the family

She went to the store for milk and now she is fighting for her life: Yamileth was run over and left to her fate
She went to the store for milk and now she is fighting for her life: Yamileth was run over and left to her fateCredits: Screenshot

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Delicate, disoriented, in pain, and waiting to be operated on at the Mazatlán General Hospital for the various injuries she suffered, is Yamileth, a 14-year-old girl who was brutally run over by a truck the night of the Monday in the Shimizu neighborhood, which after the events fled.

Several hours have passed after the accident and relatives of the minor who had come to buy milk and corn, have landed after the crisis they suffered when they learned of what happened, what happened in the course of the days is to wait for the evolution of the patient so that the uncertainty ends.

To this is also added asking for support from society in general, since the expenses that come from the medical intervention will be high and by not having hospital assistance they will have to overcome their luck. In the case of the responsible unit, they ask the authorities or a witness to the events to contribute to find the whereabouts and do justice.

“We are asking for support from the public to be able to locate the guilty person, so that he becomes responsible for the expenses in a certain way and responsible for what he did.”

Among the details, it was said that in the first instance the corresponding complaint was filed with the Public Ministry, but it was not received because it was an aunt who came. However, the investigating authorities at the moment are already actively conducting the proceedings in the premises where the accident occurred.

Interested in helping the young woman who is stable, they can go to the laboratories of the General Hospital of Mazatlán 

La menor Yamileth se encuentra delicada y requiere de una operación en su pierna derecha.

Relatives of the young woman mention that part of the instruments they have requested for the surgical procedure is ready, the only drawback that for now stops the doctors is the lack of blood units. 

Yubeth Arely Zamudio commented that they need six type “A” units, otherwise the operation cannot be performed; at the moment three donors have contributed their grain of sand, and the aunt says that it is necessary to complete the application as soon as possible. 

Those interested in supporting Yamileth and those who are compatible with the blood type can approach the laboratories of the General Hospital of Mazatlán at the established time and on an empty stomach, it is only necessary to provide the name of the minor.

Support is requested to be able to buy the surgical material that will be required for the operation of the left leg and who wants to make a donation can make it to the BanCoppel account number 4169160706920148 in the name of Yubed Arely Zamudio Rodríguez and they can also Contact the number 6692738719 for any information or support, both financial and on the case.

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