Mazatlan tourism increases after green covid traffic light issued


Bananas, sailboats and parachutes crowd the beaches of Mazatlán this Saturday.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The tourist sector in the port is one of the most important, especially for people who make a living out of it.

With the change to a green traffic light, the situation has improved, the influx on the beaches is greater and the operators of services such as parachute, tours and activities begin to improve their sales.


“Fortunately, you can see more people, on weekends we have a lot of work,” said Ramiro, operator of boats in the hotel zone, who also affirmed that his income and that of several workers in the area have been increasing in the last month due to the hundreds of tourists that crowd the beaches of the port.

Tourism is increasing according to the seasons and more states changing to green traffic lights, in addition to the Canadian flight that arrived today in Mazatlan, opening a great opportunity for foreign countries to know the place.


The Mazatlan Post