Video: Bridge Collapses After Rains in Mazatlán, town is cut off


The inhabitants of Potreros de Carrasco cry out for the government’s support; the bridge was damaged after the passage of hurricane “Nora” and with the rains of this Friday it finished collapsing

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The community of Potreros de Carrasco in Mazatlán, was cut off this Friday when the vehicular bridge collapsed, after being affected by the hurricane “Nora” .

Ricardo Cárdenas, a resident of the community, told Línea Directa that this Friday the bridge ended up falling, except for a section of one meter at most, but already weakened, it allows people to leave on foot to take the truck and go to the port; however, the risk that it could collapse at any moment and cause an accident is latent.

“We fell one end of the bridge, not in its entirety, it is the ramp, the entrance to the bridge, since the hurricane” Nora “we have this problem, we are aware that with the condition we cannot work on the climate right now we could not work in the stream stream, but we have a nearby road here that the municipality could rehabilitate while that happens, but it is very ugly. We have gone out to thousands of battles, but we can no longer get out, it broke completely, “he explained.

Vehicle Bridge Collapses After Rains in Mazatlán;  town is cut off

He said that neither private nor small vehicles and even less large ones can pass, which requires that an alternate road of 4 and a half kilometers be taken to be able to leave the Proteros de Carrasco community, but they need help in an emergency .

He indicated that since the passage of hurricane “Nora” the bridge was affected, but with the rain, on Friday morning it ended up giving in its weakened infrastructure.


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