Sinaloa: Mazatlan minor wins a lawsuit to receive covid vaccine


The notification will reach the director of the General Hospital, and within a week they must assess the minor and provide the dose

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Southern Sinaloa Bar Association managed to win the first protection case for a minor under 14 years of age to receive the COVID-19 vaccine after having suffered the virusHéctor Roberto Flores Salazar, a member of the group, detailed that in a period of less than a week the Pfizer dose must be supplied to the young man

The litigant explained that the mother of the minor indicated that the notification will be as soon as possible in the office of the director of the General Hospital of Mazatlán; The following procedure is to carry out a clinical assessment of the minor to find out their health status and possible reactions, all of which must be successful in less than a week and notify the time, date and place of issue.

The members of the Lawyers’ Collective indicated that to date they have 11 lawsuits for minors whose parents request the corresponding Health authorities to apply the Pfizer vaccine, at the moment, the minor under 14 years of age, the son of Paola Luévanos Carrillo, is the first in the State of Sinaloa to have the dose.

“The judge ordered the General Hospital to assess the minor, based on that evaluation the hospital or the doctors who assess it determine if the minor is likely to receive this vaccine, the judge will send a letter to the General Hospital so that the judge Give three days for them to summon the minor to be assessed, once assessed, they will determine if they can receive the vaccine ”.

The group of litigants pointed out that given the denial of providing the vaccine to minors, it is an attack of discrimination against their health, they added that as Mexicans they have the right and are prone to becoming infected and losing their lives, as shown in some statistical figures.

He added that in Sinaloa 11 amparos have already been promoted to vaccinate minors (12 to 17 years old) against Covid-19 in Los Mochis, Culiacán, and Mazatlán and although he said that the judges of Los Mochis and Culiacán have not responded in favor, complaint resources are being issued for this.

Finally, he stated that they, as registered lawyers, have promoted these protections for free but that they are analyzing charging a recovery fee.


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