DIF Mazatlán delivers 4,062 food baskets to extremely vulnerable families

  • Through the Comprehensive Strategy Program for Social Food Assistance and Community Development (EIASADC).

Mazatlán.- Delivery of pantries from the EIASADC program begins where the Government of Mazatlán headed by Mayor Benítez Torres, through DIF Mazatlán chaired by Gabriela Peña Chico, and in coordination with the National DIF System, will benefit families in situations of extreme vulnerability.

The President of DIF Mazatlán, Gabriela Peña Chico, made a symbolic delivery to Doña Elvira and Don José to start the route of DIF trucks that will travel long distances to reach the beneficiaries.

The pantry support is managed based on a list of beneficiaries that in Mazatlan currently numbers 2,031 people in extreme situations of vulnerability; which receive 1 pantry per month.

On this occasion, the pantries corresponding to the months of August and September will be delivered, giving a total of 4,062 pantries to be delivered in the urban, rural, and mountain areas of the municipality.

Some neighborhoods that benefited were Benito Juárez, Flores Magón, Loma Bonita, Francisco I. Madero, among others, as well as communities such as La Palma Sola, Juantillos, Los Limones, San Francisquito, Lomas de Monterrey and more.

The EIASADC Program is coordinated by the National DIF System and operated by the State and Municipal DIFs, with the aim of contributing to the economy and food security of people in conditions of risk and vulnerability.

Source: quepasaenmazatlanenlinea.com

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