Mazatlan practically out of the third wave of infections by Covid-19


One of the hospitals that registered the most cases during the third wave of infections, it already looks almost free of patients.

Mazatlán Sinaloa.- The lunch hour passed and the nightmare of that crowd of people who anxiously awaited news of a relative hospitalized for Covid19 problems, at the Dr. Martiniano Carvajal general hospital.

The median of Avenida Oscar Pérez Escobosa, right in front of the hospital, is no longer the one that was crammed with people, some even with temporary camps to withstand the inclement weather, waiting for news that, in some cases, was not encouraging at all.

covid relatives

That mute witness medley of hope, laments, sadness, grief, and even crying is no longer the one where talks were heard at all hours of the day and night, some deafening, others very low, all gathered there for the same reason.

Virginia Luján awaits the discharge of her husband, who spent several days occupying a Covid bed, but fortunately, he is delivered to her tomorrow, not fully recovered, but out of danger.

“They were days of anguish, but thank God they give it to me tomorrow, it has some sequelae, according to the doctors, but as the days go by they will disappear,” said the lady.

covid relatives

Brígido Valdez, has his young son, barely 30 years old, his situation is stable and so far he has not presented complications so he hopes to take him home as soon as possible.

In a tour that Reacción Informativa made through the place, it was these only two relatives who said they were there for that reason, the reason that so much work cost the personnel of the health institutions of Mazatlán, Sinaloa and Mexico in this third wave of infections by Covid-19.


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