Against all odds! Tourist tours through the bay of Mazatlán are kept afloat


They admit that the summer vacation period was not so good, but it greatly helped to stay active for those who provide this service in the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Although they do not reach one hundred percent in the occupancy of walkers, the rides in catamarans or yachts in the bay of Mazatlán, maintain a good flow during the weekends, which is when demand increases, said Roberto Rodríguez Meza.

The tour operator of marine vessels said that the recent summer vacation period was not so good, due to the third wave of COVID-19, which hit Sinaloa hard and Mazatlán did not escape, so they hope that on weekends there will be a good influx, but when taking into account that it is in a stormy season, many people prefer not to risk it.

” On weekends it reactivates, not one hundred percent, but it is seeing movement, but many people do not plan for these months of September, and October, because they already know that they are months of storm, many times they do not risk until past the month of October ”.

Rodríguez Meza pointed out that, unlike other weekends, in the midst of this pandemic, the demand is notorious, with a percentage that literally helps to ‘float’ in the service so as not to sink the activity, which much depends on the presence of tourists .


The Mazatlan Post