Seniors celebrate their day at La Inmaculada Nursing Home in Mazatlan


They received many gifts, they brought music, tamales and even cake so that they could enjoy their celebration.

The celebration for grandparents’ day at the La Inmaculada nursing home began yesterday, as Sister Inés Quintana, in charge of the nursing home, shared that they received a visit from some young people and from Alma Rochín, who goes and sings to these grandparents to liven up their day, as well as bring them a few gifts.

While today, a singer brought their music to them so that they could enjoy their celebration by stopping to dance or dancing from their chairs, singing and living with each other.

Sister Inés emphasized that there were many gifts they received from the Mazatlecos who participated in the campaign to give a gift to a senior so that everyone will have more than one.

He commented that there were those who provided them with food so that this day they could have a whole party, as they brought them tamales, cold soup, jelly, and cake. And the breakfast did not go unnoticed either, since they prepared a delicious treat.

Asilo La Inmaculada and the grandparents are very grateful to the people who did not let this day go unnoticed because they make their day more enjoyable and make them feel loved.

“People participate, they have kindly sent us many gifts for the grandparents and I take the opportunity to tell the people who sent those gifts that we appreciate them very much.”


The Mazatlan Post