Still unfinished! Playa Gaviotas avenue will open for cruise passengers in Mazatlan


The commitment of the construction company is to deliver the work by September 30, and right now only the rolling area is ready, so it will be opened to road traffic, explained Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Prior to the arrival of the first cruise ship to Mazatlán, which is scheduled for August 24, the government decided to open Playa Gaviotas Avenue to road traffic, which is in the process of rehabilitation, to give it better attention to tourists, informed Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez. 

The director of Welfare and Social Development in the Municipality explained that the rolling area is already ready so that only work on the sidewalks and public lighting would be pending. But this will be done without affecting without closing the road, as they have done in other avenues of the city.  

“In fact, this weekend Rodolfo T. Loaiza or Gaviotas street has been opened so that it has circulation for the attention of cruise ships with the exception that details will be missing; lighting, sidewalks and things like that, but the rolling area is already there “

“… we put speed, to realize that we came in the first battle as an old car and right now we bring a motorcycle of those from Cuernavaca,” he said. 

The official specified that the construction company’s commitment is to deliver the work by September 30, and perhaps by then the President of the Republic will come to inaugurate it, along with Gabriel Leyva Avenue.


The Mazatlan Post