The gardener of Mazatlán; the plants give him employment


For three years, Víctor has kept a section of the Mazatlán Linear Park clean and beautified

Mazatlán, Sin.- He never thought of being a gardener, but fate put him in front of this job that he enjoys today and gives him to support his family. The plants returned him to activity after spending a long time unemployed.

Víctor Jesús Bonel, 57, keeps the Arts and Culture section clean in the Lineal Park of Mazatlán .

Although she has only been working in the Parks and Gardens department of the Mazatlán City Council for three years, she says that she feels good among the plants, her spider broom, the wheelbarrow, a red bench and her horn are part of her life.

For him, the important thing is to take care of the plants and clean the section of Cristóbal Colón Avenue and the International Highway to the North, which is around six years old.

All work, however simple it may seem, has its difficulties. Victor is empirical, everything he learned about pruning was taught to him by his first boss, who has already passed away, but remembers with great affection and gratitude.

“A neighbor of the neighborhood came to work at the City Hall and invited me to work, from that moment they assigned me to this park. I arrived without knowing anything, my boss taught me how to irrigate, prune and repair the irrigation that many times are damaged with the machines that cut the grass. “

The neighbor of the Juárez neighborhood is thin but sensitive to the delicacy of the garden plants that he protects and nurtures during days that begin at 7:00 in the morning and must end at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Everything is clean since in the morning many people go out to exercise and before the pandemic there were other activities with children and dance classes.

“This work is very smooth, it is not tiring, I try to work early, to beat the sun, because at noon the heat gets very hot, especially where the shade does not give you.”

He claims to have prodigious hands for pruning, but also tricks since to clean small plants he has to lie on the ground and do it by hand.

In this section, two of his fellow sweepers are with him every day and once a week the so-called bullfighters go, who are in charge of cutting the grass, each one having their specific and well-defined activities.

“Sweep, fix the watering, clean the plants by hand and cut the trees, this season there is a lot of work because with the rains it grows very quickly and begins to mount.”

In a short time he has learned everything about plants. Photo: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

The gardener beautifies the park all week, but on the weekend, the taqueros are very careless and grab the park as a personal garbage dump.

“Every Monday I find the garbage dumps full of cochinero from the taquerías that are around here, they are filthy and abusive, here they leave it to us.”

He points out that despite the fact that the shopping plaza is nearby, lovers of other people’s things steal the tubes and open the cellar where he keeps the tools.

For 14 years he worked in Railways, he was unemployed and for many years he fought him.

It was only three years ago when he entered as a gardener, fortunately his wife has supported him with the sale of Mexican snacks at his home, which is how they have come forward.

Now the plants are her inspiration, every day she keeps them neat, takes care of them, talks to them, treats them with great affection. Your reward is seeing what the park looks like thanks to your dedication and commitment.


The Mazatlan Post