Vehicular traffic is open again on Tepic-Mazatlán Hwy, confirms the National Guard after heavy rains


Caution is requested since the rains will continue in this area and it is not ruled out that the river overflows again, limiting circulation again 

Vehicle traffic on the Mazatlán-Tepic highway is without any problem so far, according to the report from the National Guard station Peñitas, Nayarit .

Despite the fact that at the early hour of this Friday, August 13, circulation continued to be closed due to the overflow of a river on the bearing surface at kilometer 004 + 000 of the Mazatlán-Tepic Peñas-Tuxpan branch road and gave instructions to take an alternate route to the town of San Vicente.

“It is open, it has no report of any overflow that will affect circulation,” it was indicated and according to the report, everything has been normalized for now.

This Friday morning, the National Highway Guard indicated that the section was still closed to traffic due to the heavy rains registered on Thursday; He highlighted alternate routes and called for accident prevention. 

Despite the fact that it now rectifies and ensures that the section is open, the alert to take precautions continues due to the rains that will continue to be registered in the high areas of Tepic and Sinaloa, which are motivated by the hurricane “Linda” that this Friday will evolve into a category hurricane two.