6 Important Benefits of Fulvic Acid

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6 Important Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a nutrient that comes from the dirt. Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s an organic compound you can find in soil and water, and it’s made especially when plants and animals rot. You might not have heard about fulvic acid quite often, or you might already be familiar with it.

It’s extremely important to realize how much we need to help to boost our immune system in order to detox, aid digestion, and protect our overall health. Because the soils are exhausted through herbicides, pesticides, and reused dirt, our bodies lack the necessary nutrients, such as organic fulvic and humic acid for overall optimal health.

Long time ago, farmers used to reintroduce organic compounds into the soils after a round of harvests to ensure that nutrients were back. But now, with all the commercialized farming, it’s hard to let the soil breathe, as constant cropping can lead soil to be full of overgrowth of detrimental pathogens. So, this could mean that the soil is full of even more pesticides, less nutrients, and the result is that we’re eating food with tons of chemicals in it. It’s like a vicious cycle.

But luckily, a good solution to supplement the missing soil nutrients is to provide other benefits to our bodies. And this is called fulvic acid.

The benefits of fulvic acid for human bodies

1.      It boosts your immune system

There’s a reason why fulvic acid is a hot topic nowadays. It is a probiotic in the health and wellness industry that made people realize that we lack so many minerals and vitamins, and it’s time to receive some answers. Fulvic acid does have a lot of health benefits. It basically refills your body with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and energy, which have been shown to improve immune system response. According to a recent study, this type of supplement has been useful to most people with allergies, insomnia, fatigue, and other chronic illnesses. Specifically, people are enjoying better energy, less aching, and a tougher immune system.

2.      Fulvic acid can help your gut health

Gut issues are so common nowadays, it feels like everyone talks about them. They’re small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that allows undigested food to cross over your intestines, into your bloodstream, therefore causing food poisoning. Leaking gut is becoming a “modern epidemic”, and even superficially health issues, like diarrhea and constipation are extremely widespread, likely due to environmental concerns, like stress, pesticides, etc. But one thing is for sure: if you have a healthy gut, you enjoy a healthy life. However, there are many beneficial bacteria in your gut, and they’re better for overall health.

Fulvic benefits: fulvic acid has the potential to boost your entire health, especially your digestive system, as this replenishes healthy nutrients and enzymes in the body. Supplementing your body with fulvic acid is an essential step, and also an important one to work on eliminating inflammatory foods and toxins out of the body, and replenish them with nutrients, that your gut and body need to recover.

3.      Better energy

Many patients reported better energy during the day and better sleep once they have started to take fulvic acid as a supplement. As mentioned, fulvic acid helps the body absorb the important nutrient cells. So, it’s already well-known that fulvic acid battles the fatigue and low energy linked with weakened adrenal glands. Sometimes, people suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiencies of nutrients, which cause fatigue. Fulvic acid can help your body restore important minerals, and also, calm the nervous system by relieving stress.

Fulvic acid gives a lot better and different energy than any other stimulant, like energy drinks, or coffee. It’s healthier, likely because it does not cause any anxiety, nervousness, or shaking in the body. Most people that take fulvic acid reported that they’ve enjoyed better sleep at night, and an energy bonus from the plenty of nutrients it contains.

4.      Reduced pain

Though more research is needed, there’s clinical evidence that fulvic acid might reduce pain in the body. It could be a big part of the reasons why fulvic acid is so beneficial for body health. It significantly boosts nutritional absorption of nutrients in the body and is well-functioning in reducing all types of pains. Fulvic acid has a unique profile, which makes it easier to be absorbed into the blood system, quickly transporting the nutrients and minerals directly into cells, therefore, increasing overall health.

Due to the increased number of electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients, your body will restore to its natural functions. Electrolytes help restore the pH balance in the body, therefore, reducing pain. These include keeping the immune system in check, adapting the muscles, heart, and digestive system to its natural form of function, and also improving sustainability in healthy blood pH.

It’s vital to maintain a balanced pH in the body, as people might not be used to pay attention to the excess acidity that can negatively impact the skin, joints, muscles, nervous and digestive system, and immunity.

5.      Brain health

Studies have also shown that fulvic acid can be effective in preventing the well-known Alzheimer’s disease. Fulvic acid has important cognitive properties, and we can conclude that it promises naturally treating neurodegenerative disorders. It does not only have anti-aging properties but also reduces symptoms of dementia.

6.      Detox heavy metals

Heavy metals are the accumulation of zinc, iron, and copper in your body. They’re good for your health, but only in small amounts. Overexposure to these heavy metals can lead to Wilson’s disease, which can be fatal. We expose ourselves to industrial and environmental factors daily, without even knowing. These heavy metals are found in the air we breathe, food, and drinks. Depending on how you expose yourself to these metals will indicate the level of seriousness metal poisoning in your body. So, you might consider a natural supplement, such as fulvic acid. Additionally, you might include foods that can help remove heavy metals from your body.

The good news is that fulvic acid can really benefit your body and lead to a better balance!

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