Mazatlan: Relatives with Covid patients, spend up to 15 thousand pesos a day on prescriptions even in public hospitals


With sadness and despair they comment that sometimes there are up to 4 that are supplied because the Dr. Martiniano Carvajal general hospital does not have the required medicine in the pharmacy

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – It is still public hospitals, relatives with Covid patients regret that per day they spend up to about 15 thousand pesos on medicines, not counting what they invest in food, transportation, and accommodation in the case of those who are not from the municipal seat.

Francisco N, commented that to his wife Elda, who has already been hospitalized for this disease for more than a week in the general hospital, Dr. Martiniano Carvajal, there are times when up to 4 prescriptions are ordered per day which range between 2 and 2 thousand 500 pesos each, so the situation has become difficult.

“Medicines are expensive, the first days there were almost no medicines in pharmacies and we had to fill them here outside in the pharmacy and the first days they gave him two prescriptions of 2,500 or 4,000 and there have been days that go up to 8,500 in the day, “he said.

The affected party commented that the prescriptions are daily, so on average, they have been spending about 12 thousand pesos a day only on prescriptions, not counting the cost of the hospitalization service.

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Said N, his 63-year-old father named Manuel has been hospitalized for a week and acknowledged that it does if it is spent since, on average, they buy a prescription for 2,000 pesos.

“They have been two or three prescriptions a day, it depends on the medication that the patient uses, and what we have used is that amount of 2,000 pesos or more,” he added.

He commented that to cover the patient’s expenses, the family members support each other and all the siblings come forward with the faith and hope that their family member recovers and returns to the life they normally led before catching Covid19.

Teresita Gallardo, said that if she does not die of the contagion, she will die from the stress and the concern of not having the resource to fill the prescription that is supplied to her sister, however, they struggle to get ahead so that their family member can return to doing their activities normal.


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