Covid makes a dent in Mazatlan tourism


Although this weekend hotel occupancy registered levels of 60%, the presence of visitors in places with greater influx decreased

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Unlike other weekends, the port of Mazatlan showcased with little influx of tourists, both the transportation of rent and bus charter; in general, it is families who saw each other on the Malecón.

The beaches registered little presence of bathers and some of the restaurants on the Malecón also had little influx of diners. Where the greatest movement was observed was in handicraft and souvenir shops.

Tourism in Mazatlán goes down during the weekend. 

The Municipal Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries, Luis Terán Tirado, estimated that tourist activity dropped to 55%, but because classes are already coming and many people make their “little storage” for books and other expenses.

However, he expressed that the influx of visitors has not decreased, since the hotels are 55 and 60% within the capacity allowed by the Covid-19.

He stated that there are still three more weeks of economic reactivation and most of the tourism that vacation in Mazatlán, abides by the provision to use the mask.

Asked about the mandatory vaccination certificate in public places and shopping centers, a measure that comes into effect this Monday, the Secretary of Sedectur considered that it should have been done earlier.

Where the greatest movement of people could be observed on the weekend was in the handicraft and souvenir shops. 

” It is a good measure, there are people who have applauded it, there are people who see it from the negative point of view, but what the mayor is doing is very healthy and the only thing he is looking for is to improve the situation of the pandemic, and I think everyone should see it from that point of view, “he said.

The municipal official stressed that the merchants accepted the measure of requesting the vaccination certificate, because the pandemic is high risk, as well as for the economy of Mazatlán if these preventive measures were not taken.


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