Juarez Chihuahua residents most requested travel destination is Mazatlan


Mazatlan is the most requested tourist destination during the summer season

Ciudad Juárez.- One of the tourist destinations most demanded by the people of Juarez in recent months has been Mazatlán, Sinaloa, as was announced by Gustavo Carreón, leader of the Association of Travel Agencies.

Despite the epidemiological situation in the state of Sinaloa, Juarenses choose to travel to the port of Mazatlán before to other parts such as the Caribbean, according to the registry.

According to Carreón, Mazatlán is the most demanded followed by Cancun and the Rivera Maya, and finally Huatulco, although he stressed that at the local level there has also been a lot of receptive tourism.

He pointed out that because some agencies have closed it is not possible to determine exactly how much tourism has increased in the last year, but as an estimate, he said that there could be talk of 70 percent more than in the last two years.

He stressed that with regard to travel agencies, recommendations are issued in order to maintain health protocols and avoid the risk of contagion.

Finally, he celebrated that a broader opening has been allowed with respect to travel, as this benefits economically the families who depend on these jobs.

Tourists may enter without presenting a vaccination certificate

Before the announcement of the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres regarding the restriction of limiting access to establishments and public places, presented the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, detailed that it will not be mandatory for tourists, but for tourists residents. 

This measure was announced yesterday by the Mazatlán city council. The announcement indicated that, as of August 2, access to public spaces will not be allowed to people who do not have their vaccination certificates.

Doubts about tourists arose immediately, so it was clarified what will happen with tourism and with those citizens who due to illness could not apply the dose.

Benítez said that if someone has been infected they should not leave home and if they have already recovered, but the vaccine could not be applied at the time for this reason, they should present a negative test.

To travel you must take a security questionnaire

Derived from the Covid-19 contingency, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation together with the Federal Civil Aviation Agency urge the population to take the questionnaire “Fly Safe”, through the page https://www.vuelaseguro.com / login , in order to detect possible cases of Covid-19 and prevent infections at airports and airplanes. 

The questionnaire can be done during the stay at the airport, before boarding the plane or previously before arriving at the airport.

Source: netnoticias.mx

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