Mazatlan settles Nafta lawsuit with choice land and payments


In Cabildo, despite the fact that it was an issue that was discussed for more than three hours, the councilors approved by mayaría to pay that enormous amount to the Arellano family for a lost lawsuit since the administration of former mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Despite all that is experienced by the pandemic and its economic, health and social impact, councilors of the Mazatlán City Council approved by a majority in a Cabildo session to sign a payment agreement for the Nafta Lubricantes SA de CV case, to settle the debt of 141 million 802 thousand pesos for a lost lawsuit, a lawsuit that was filed against the Commune since the administration of former mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna.

The councilman Rodolfo Cardona Pérez, the coordinator of the Finance Committee in the council, rejected the proposal because it is the most affected in the history of a city government because it is an amount of money very high, and the worst is that the agreement It includes handing over three plots of land, which are municipal assets and which today will be handed over to a private individual.   

“This way of delivering economic resources and municipal assets that are public so that they become private is an unprecedented blow because 141 million 802 thousand pesos have to be paid, which includes three lands as part of the agreement; the land that is the parking lot that is there on Mariano Escobedo street ”, he refuted.  

The Nafta case was an issue that was discussed in the Cabildo for more than three hours with voices for and against, especially in the clauses where the amount to be paid monthly is stipulated, and in the land that will be delivered on account to the Arellano family, such as the municipality’s parking lot in the City Center, a piece of land near the Old Airport subdivision, in front of the Central Park and the other, according to the opinion, only came the cadastral key.  

Treasurer Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, explained that in order to reach an agreement with the Arellano family, several meetings were held, and it was agreed to pay three million pesos a month in the second half of the year and from the next year, 2022, five to six million pesos. pesos each month, to comply with the resolution issued by the Southern Regional Chamber of the Administrative Justice Court of the State of Sinaloa.  

“At the beginning the agreement was: ‘There is no agreement, you pay me or you pay me’ and the other proposal was to pay me in five payments, we do not accept either, the other is that next year we will see in what ways the payments will be made , of five or six million payments, but we will already budget that amount because we cannot acquire debts to make the payment to a creditor ”, he specified.  

In the session, the opinion presented by the Finance and Health and Assistance commission in the Cabildo in relation to the acquisition of a new 10 to 15-hectare land to be able to build a new municipal pantheon in Mazatlán was also approved.


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