Urban bus ends on top of the bike lane on Avenida del Mar in Mazatlán


Apparently, a mechanical failure in the bus caused it to lose control and end up on the bike path located on the boardwalk of Mazatlan’s Avenida del Mar.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A public transportation bus of the Urban Bus Alliance of Mazatlán, ended up at the top of the bike path located on the boardwalk of Avenida del Mar.

The accident was reported at approximately 12:00 hours on Thursday, July 8th, where they mentioned that there was an urban bus on the aforementioned avenue and on top of the Malecón’s bike path, and so the presence of the municipal police was requested.

Personnel from the Tourist Police Capta Group attended the site, to carry out the corresponding investigation and come up with an expert opinion to define the responsibilities and assess the damage caused in the place.

The driver of the public urban transport service bus on the Cerritos Juárez route stated that due to a mechanical failure in the unit, he lost control of it and that was the only way to stop the vehicle.

The driver declared that he was on the way to the mechanic when he suffered the damage. The unit was removed with the support of a crane and moved to the municipal pound.

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