Brawl breaks out in Mazatlán’s RIU Hotel (VIDEO)


The events took place on Friday, July 2nd, and during the fight, even women were beaten; the situation exhibited the lack of staff capable of handling an incident of this nature at this important hotel in the port of Mazatlan.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Exhibiting total disorder, disregard for healthy distance measures, and excesses in alcohol consumption, a fight broke out between guests of the well-known RIU hotel.

The motive is still unknown, but the videos show that the events occurred in the pool area of ​​this hotel complex located on Sábalo Cerritos Avenue last Friday.

As it can be seen on the video, the party was active, and suddenly the verbal fight began, and apparently, one of the guests was the one who started the whole thing.

Lifeguard staff from the hotel approached the guest and asked him to please calm down, but everything suggests that the customer did not like this, he got out of the pool and began to yell at the worker who was trying to calm him down; other people approached and the situation got out of control.

Even the women suffered blows, and some others who also took part in the fight can be seen on the video falling to the ground and being dragged around the floor.

The facts showed the lack of trained personnel to deal with this type of situation, in addition to ignoring the recommendations requested by the Ministry of Health and the excesses of tourists that want to party and to achieve it, wants to be allowed everything.

So far the hotel company has not issued any statement regarding these facts that have become viral on social networks.

Source: Linea Directa

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