Go to Mazatlan says Durango Governor after recent controversial statements


The state Governor, José Rosas Aispuro, maintains that it is necessary to ensure that the protocols in place are complied with, and all to respond to counteract the chain of contagion of the virus; ensures that statements by his secretary of government were taken out of context

Durango Government asked the population to avoid trips to Mazatlán – The Durango Post

Mazatlán, Sin.- That the people of Durango visit Mazatlán with confidence and enjoy the beaches, only that it is important that people take extreme measures in the face of COVID-19, which is still active in all places, José Rosas Aispuro expressed in the port Torres.

The Governor of Durango said that the statements of his Secretary of Government were taken out of context, but he does not intend to harm the tourist destination, less when it has been so generous and hospitable to the population of his state.

“We have to take care of ourselves, and the truth is that we are very grateful for the hospitality of Sinaloa, of the Mazatlecos in particular, of course they come, Mazatlán is a very safe place, it was something that was taken out of context, we are very grateful for that hospitality ”.

Rosa Aispuro Torres stressed that he is one of those who feels safest when visiting the port with his family, but it is necessary for everyone to do their part to protect themselves against an active virus and that in recent weeks the wave of infections has gone on the rise.

“We are two states that are historically twinned, so the people of Durango can come to Mazatlán with tranquility and security, like the people from here from Mazatlán and all of Sinaloa can go to Durango with all the security that we will always have to look for that the protocols that are in place are complied with, and if we comply with protocols, look, we can’t sit back, I think that COVID has left us many lessons ”.

The Governor of Durango was interviewed when leaving the facilities of the Third Military Region accompanied by his counterpart from Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who attended the change of military command.

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