Delta variant of COVID increases in Sinaloa: Represents 24% of infections in the state


This was stated by Dr. Laurie Ann Ximenez Fyvie, from the molecular genetics laboratory of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in an interview with the newspaper ‘El Financiero’

Sinaloa.- In an interview for the journalist Guillermo Ortega Ruiz of the El Financiero newscast, Dr. Laurie Ann Ximenez Fyvie, from the molecular genetics laboratory of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), spoke about the latest spike in COVID-19 infections and the increase in appearances of the Delta variant in Mexico, which is presumed to become the dominant one worldwide.

According to the latest court of the Mexican Genomic Surveillance Consortium, held on June 30, most of the Delta cases have occurred in the northwestern regions of Mexico. While in CDMX it represents 10% of circulating infections, in Sinaloa it represents 24% and in Baja California Sur, 50%.

The Delta variant will become dominant since it is much more contagious than the original Sars-Cov-2, which initially infected approximately 2.5 to 3 additional people, the Delta is estimated that an infected person can relay the virus to between 7 and 8 people, representing a 65% increase in contagiousness.

This variant evades the immunity acquired in case of having contracted COVID-19 before or if there is already a single vaccination dose, so it could potentially recur.

According to Dr. Ximénez Fyvie, the transmission of the virus is minuscule through contact, however, 99% of infections occur through the respiratory tract, so the main suggestions are to continue using face masks with the KN95 or higher denomination, in case of wearing a cloth mask that is a double or triple layer of cotton or double surgical mask.

The violent characteristics of the COVID Delta can cause a more aggressive infection such as murcosis, the so-called “black fungus”.

Dr. Laurie Ann placed special emphasis on mentioning that hand washing and disinfection are good practices; However, the prevention of contagions, in this case, deserves to intensify the use of the mask, avoid closed spaces and crowds.


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