Mazatlán and Mission, Texas will sign Sister Cities agreement

  • This Tuesday 29 the Texan delegation arrives at the port and the activities will begin
Habrá tres días de actividades en el puerto tras firma del acuerdo.(Debate)

To strengthen and enhance the binational cooperation between Mazatlán and Mission, Texas, this day the Texan delegation will arrive at the port to sign the Sister Cities commitment between the two cities and will begin three days of activities related to said agreement.

With this agreement, which will be led by mayors Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and Armando Ocaña, this municipality seeks to develop cooperation projects with Mission, Texas, United States on issues of economic development, security, education, culture and health.

Parque Ciudades Hermanas: Punto clave de actividades en Mazatlán | Vámonos  a Mazatlán
Mazatlan Sister Cities Park

The three days of activities start today with the unveiling of a totem pole in the Sister Cities Park, and will continue the following days with the signing of the Sister Cities Agreement, a press conference, as well as the presentation of strategic projects of the private initiative.

Mission, Texas Memorial Totem Unveiled at Cities Park

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres and Armando Ocaña, Mayor of Mission, Texas, unveiled this afternoon the commemorative totem of the American city in the Sister Cities Park, as part of the Twinning Agreement.


“This is very important, because it is the first twinning that takes place in the context of the USMCA and even more so we will be united by a railway, a transmission belt of pure brotherhood, commercial exchange and bicultural enrichment, I express our joy, our joy to welcome you today in this emblematic Sister Cities Park “.

Armando Ocaña expressed his approval for achieving the brotherhood of both cities. “I am very happy to be able to visit this beautiful land and the Sister Cities Park. I have traveled from Mission, Texas, to meet with you, because I know that today we went from a great friendship to a cultural, economic and tourist brotherhood.”

The Mission, Texas totem joins others that are located in the center of the park and that represent twinning with cities in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Canada. Tomorrow Wednesday the delegations of Mazatlán and Mission, Texas, led by Benitez Torres and Armando Ocaña, will meet at the Angela Peralta Theater to sign the Twinning Agreement and a press conference to publicize the objectives of this agreement.


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