Rains affect drinking water service in Matatán Sinaloa


The pumping equipment suffered some damage, which caused the equipment needed to provide the service to fail

Rosario, Sinaloa. – The drinking water service in the Matatán syndicate was affected by the recent rains that have occurred in the area.

Through a statement, on the official website of the City of Rosario was announced the effects suffered by the team.

The inhabitants of the Matatán syndicate are informed that the pump that supplies drinking water in the village will be removed for review and maintenance; derived from the weather conditions that prevailed in the town, it stopped working.”

It was also announced that, in order to supply households with water, pipes will be sent.

“The water will be supplied in pipes during the review time, so that we can safely be given a diagnosis of the damage it has suffered.”

Requesting the understanding of the citizenry, the Jumapars did not disclose a probable date of when the service would be reactivated in a normal way.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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