Demand for passenger bus transport to Mazatlan increases


Up to 200 passengers arrive and depart from the port in 140 runs; in the coming days they expect to increase 10% more

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – With an average of 140 runs per day with 800 to 200 passengers, the Mazatlan Bus Station registers a positive recovery as of this week in which the summer season begins, this after suffering a drop in demand since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, reported the general manager of the Mazatlan Trucking Plant, Álvaro Peña Torres.

He said that the motor transport lines currently operate between 70 and 75%, and it is expected to increase by 10% more in the coming days for the summer holiday period.

He said that months ago, the Central Trucker brought an average of 90 daily departures with about 500 passengers.

“We effectively hope that in this summer vacation we can recover 10% more to the number of runs and passage, we expect to have at least 150 to 160 runs a day,” Expressed.

He said that the highest demand for foreign transportation at this time are the destinations to Mexico City, Durango, Aguascalientes, Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana.

He said that the coronavirus pandemic hit foreign transport very hard, as it arrived. to operate at up to 50% of its capacity.

“It has been reactivated as it progresses with the vaccination against Covid-19, and well we as Central and transport companies, continue to operate without neglecting all the sanitary measures that the Ministry of Health has, such as antibacterial gel, temperature check, mandatory use of bottle covers, and obviously the healthy distance in the facilities”.

He pointed out that despite the recovery of 50 to 75%, the Mazatlan bas station still does not operate 100% as it did before the health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has not been fully normalized because we still do not reach the statistics that we brought before the pandemic, but that we have maintained a break-even point of recovery yes, because if we talk about a 100, we are currently between 70 or 75% of operation, according to the previous statistics,” Indicated.

He added that in this summer season it is expected that the demand will grow by 10% more and that the advance of vaccination against Covid-19, will influence the recovery of foreign transport, especially when it returns to face-to-face classes, as is expected to happen next school year.


The Mazatlan Post