Melipandda the Mazatlan tiktoker, fans of Venados de Mazatlán, exceeds one million followers and is nominated for the 2021 MIAW Awards, which will take place on July 13, 2021.

The young woman from Mazatlan began her path in the world of Tik Tok just a year and a half ago, today she is part of the list of nominees for the MIAW 2021, in the Fav New School category.

“I started as a joke, downloaded the application, and ended up making videos, it did something normal to me, I even have posts where I said, ‘We have already reached 100 followers.’

“I never imagined what is happening today, when I reached 10,000 followers one told me ‘when you reach a million you remember me’, I did not believe it would happen, less than a year ago I reached a million, I did not expect it, It is a dream, I always wanted to work in networks, but I was sorry ”, shared the tiktoker.

Melipandda is passionate about Venados de Mazatlán, a taste she shares with her family, who has also been her fundamental support in this new facet of her life.

“We are all fans of Venados, my father used to bring us baseball from childhood, he came with my aunt to buy sausages, to watch games, my father has always been a fan and it is something that we have always shared as a family, now in Tik Tok also my family supports me a lot.

“For me, it is very nice to have my family because many colleagues do not support them and that my parents support me in everything, my brother, it is very beautiful, we are always together and whatever happens to me they support me, now that they nominated me they’re voting, ”she said, smiling.

So far Melipandda already has 10.9 million followers on Tik Tok, who leave their signs of affection before her recent nomination.

“Everything has been very beautiful, I have met new friends, I have traveled, a cousin was the one who informed me of the nomination when between (Tik Tok) I had many congratulations, I could not believe it and a follower told me ‘The craziest dreams come true ‘and he was right, ”she added.

Melipandda awaits the day of the award, which will be through the MTV channel and hosted by Kali Uchis and Kenia OS, however, the young woman from Mazatlan will continue working to become a director or screenwriter.

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