Mazatlán airport could receive another sprucing up this 2021


The Rafael Buelna airport had a remodeling in 2016 and according to the airport repair period, this year it would receive a touch up again

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of the Mazatlán International Airport, Rafael Buelna Tenorio, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel, stated that he still does not know when a ‘cat’s hand’ will be given to the air terminal since that of Culiacán is going to receive an approximate budget of 450 million pesos for its “remodeling.”

“All airports have a master investment development plan and we are subject to that, where a certain budget is granted either for their remodeling or to improve some areas of the terminal,” he said.

Ramírez del Ángel commented that Rafael Buelna Tenorio had a very good remodeling in 2016, and that, according to the airport repair period, this year it would be its turn.

“In 2016 the airport had its remodeling which consisted of rehabilitating the arrival rooms, the ambulatory and the facade in general, although I do not know the investment because it was not yet in charge of this station, it is estimated that it was considerable”.

The federal official said that this 2021 would be another remodeling of the airport since these are given every five years and if the last one was in 2016, it is most likely that this year it will also be the same as that of Culiacán, although they have not yet given information about.

Regarding flights, he added that they have recovered by 7 percent compared to 2019 and it is expected that this summer there will be a large influx.


The Mazatlan Post