Welcome! Mazatlán gets ready to receive tourism by land, air, and sea


There are also good intentions for the arrival of tourist cruises to the port, although the total number has not yet been fully defined, clarifies the Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mazatlan will have air connectivity with Canada, whose flights will require more than existed before the pandemic of the COVID-19, confirmed Oscar Perez Barros. 

The Secretary of Tourism said that in relation to United Airlines, towards the United States of North America there are also good advances, for which they hope to be reactivated next October, but everything will depend on supply and demand, in the face of the winter season. 

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“There are eight direct flights, from eight destinations touching ten destinations, that is, there are some that will play from October, they are not the same flights, just more flights, in terms of flights from the United States that interests us a lot There we have not lost connectivity with any of the destinations, with Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston ”. 

Faced with the return of tourist cruises to Mazatlan, after facing this COVID-19 pandemic in the world, where all sectors were paralyzed, the Secretary of Tourism pointed out that there are good numbers, but there is the intention that arrivals could increase. 

“I think that this number will be moving, that is from August to December, that is, we are going to walk, we can say that between 43 and 52 arrivals, for the port of Mazatlán, not this 16 we have the meeting, I return to repeat and they are very clear, I am not confirming by those who are going to make the notes, the intentions that there are so far are 43 cruise ship arrivals from August to December ”.  

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Regarding the real number of those who join in terms of the arrival of cruise ships to the port of Mazatlán, in the coming months, the only one that will be able to confirm them is the same API, but they will seek to establish the new terminal to receive this type of vessels.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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