Assault on BanCoppel in Mazatlán ends in a shoot out


Mazatlán Sinaloa.- A strong shooting was registered this Wednesday afternoon after some assailants robbed a BanCoppel branch located in Soriana Santa Rosa.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the workers to report the incident, the uniformed officers managed to locate the vehicle in which those responsible for the robbery were traveling.

When the thugs were cornered, they fired at municipal officers, so they repelled the aggression, starting a persecution at the height of the Real del Valle subdivision.

After a few minutes of exchanging bullets, the authorities managed to arrest one of them by securing an Uzi-type machine gun.

Detienen a 3 tras asalto a un banco en Mazatlán, Sinaloa(Debate)

The detainees, who are allegedly from the municipality of Navolato, along with the car and the seized weapons were immediately transferred to the facilities of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, where they were turned over to the legal department of the corporation


The Mazatlan Post