Unauthorized beach use in front of Diego’s restaurant


They argue that they have also been affected by this problem that they have been dragging on practically since Easter, without any authority intervening.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – After the complaint made by a follower of Reacción Informativa where he accuses two restaurants of obstructing some of the beaches in Zona Dorada, Tania Ávila Canizález, manager of Diego’s restaurant, denied this assertion, arguing that they have also been affected by this problem.

“We too have been affected by this problem, which has been going on for about two months now and the authorities have done nothing to prevent it; it was since Easter that they began to install chairs, tables, and even the (beer) bar and from there to date they have not removed them ”, she explained.

Ávila Canizález explained that they as a company have all the documents in order, especially when they carry out an event they make sure to request the corresponding permits, with the corresponding authorities so as not to be involved in problems of this type later.

“We already gave the complaint about this problem to the staff of the Mayor’s Office, but they have not done anything because surely ‘they are well stopped. The problem affects us because our clients do not listen to the music we have in the restaurant because the noise of the band outside is louder, “she continued.

The person in charge of the business said that yes, there is indeed a bar with beer sales attached to the La Costa Marinera restaurant, however, she cannot ensure that the sale of drinks belongs to that establishment.

She requested the intervention of the corresponding authorities to put order in this problem, which affects both pedestrians who circulate through the obstructed area and them as a food establishment.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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