Mazatlan authorities to review billboard structures


They will review conditions and avoid putting third parties at risk, clarifies the director of Planning and Municipal Urban Development

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- To prevent one loss during this season of rain, and there is a responsible person, in case if required, staff Planning and Urban Development initiated the review of structures of billboards located in the city, revealed Wednesday Jorge Stable Kelly. 

The director of Planning and Urban Development in Mazatlán pointed out that this inspection is focused on those who are located more within the urban area and verify that they do not put third parties at risk, and above all that they comply with the provisions of the law. 

“An inspection is being carried out for those who are not up to date and who are in poor condition, send them to remove before the rains come, there are some who apparently see that all the metal is rusted, but it does not mean that the structures they are wrong, they have to do a review, pull the owner and if he does not regulate it, then send to remove the ad ”. 

He clarified that each of the structures are regularized, but it is important to verify that there is a responsive one. 

“Almost always one hundred percent of the advertisements are regularized, only that we have a registry here that have come to regularize it year after year, as I have mentioned, the sense is not to charge, but rather that the structure is in good condition and there is an insurance policy, insurance that covers a possible claim, and that someone signs it as responsible “. 

The municipal official pointed out that beyond taking collective action, as some people might think, it is to avoid accidents and have protection in case of accidents, an adequate response to those affected can be guaranteed.


The Mazatlan Post