TRIFE Resolution “Ends Mazatlans Benítez Torres Candidacy for Mayor”


IEE should not have accepted your registration * It is an “unassailable failure”

From the beginning, the State Electoral Institute of Sinaloa should not have accepted the candidacy of Morena-PAS to the mayor of Mazatlán from Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who is going for re-election and was registered by a party other than Morena, who initially took him to power, lawyer Luis Antonio Aguilar Colado said in the interview, who affirms that the TRIFE resolution in Guadalajara practically “ends the chemist’s candidacy”; it is an “unassailable failure.”

This motivated the PRI legal-electoral team, headed by Guillermo Quintana Pucheta, to challenge that coalition and now there are the consequences. Now the registration of Benítez Torres for Morena is in force, who has other sentences of electoral bodies for political violence of gender and workplace harassment against the attorney general Elsa Bojórquez.

Aguilar Colado said that what is going on now is for the PAS to register a new candidate and this will be fatal for the chemist because he will no longer have the votes of Cuén Ojeda’s party; “This is a torpedo on the Benítez Torres waterline.”

He clarified that in the case of the governorship of Rubén Rocha Moya it is not the same, because he is not going for re-election; so there will be no problems there.

The question now is what will happen to the electoral ballots on election day: “Morena-Químico and PAS-Químico are going to come and if a voter crosses the two spaces, it will be a null vote because Benítez Torres is not going for both parties. ; and if they cross out PAS-Chemical, that vote will be for the PAS, ”explained the lawyer.

He added that the TRIFE resolution in Guadalajara “ends the candidacy of the chemist Benítez Torres… The IEE could have corrected this problem at first with the refusal to register, but they let things run and now there is no way out; the ruling is unassailable, ”Aguilar Colado pointed out.

Magistrates of the Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) overthrew the candidacies for the municipal presidencies of Mazatlán and Culiacán of Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, by violating the precept on re-election.

Both candidates seek to be reelected and are registered for the contest jointly by Morena and the Sinaloense Party (PAS), which violates the Law because the figure of reelection can only be for the same party by which he was taken to office.

The complaint was filed by the Citizen Movement, first before the Sinaloa State Electoral Institute (IEES) and later before the State Electoral Tribunal (TEESIN), but in both cases, there was no violation.

The national delegate of the Citizen Movement, Roberto Cruz, explained that this challenge represents a triumph for democracy because both parties sought to cheat by violating the electoral law, together with the PRI PAN coalition and its candidacy in Cosalá with the PRI Griselda Quintana García.

“What happened is that both coalitions, both the PRI PAN and Morena PAS were trying to fraud the Law, they were trying to violate the Electoral Law, we filed a challenge as the Citizen Movement to show that they were cheating,” he said.

“The Law is very clear and does not leave room for interpretation, it says to the letter that reelection is allowed only and only if it is by the same route, then, in the case of the candidates for example for mayor of Culiacán and Mazatlán they were violating the law because they were elected by Morena and now they are also trying to be PAS candidates, it is evident that it is not the same way ”, he added.

“Unjust” and even“Perverse” says Morena Mazatlán of ruling

Court must resolve, not create difficulties * “Perverse” resolution on election days

The ruling of the Federal Electoral Tribunal, with a seat in Guadalajara, was unfair and “even perverse” because it dictates a situation with a few days before the election, which affects our candidate for mayor of Mazatlán, said Roberto Rodríguez, leader of Morena in this municipality.

In an interview by telephone, the so-called “Roro” said that they will continue to campaign in favor of the candidate Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres; “We are going to continue working house to house and the lawyers will solve this situation.”

To a specific question, he recognized that it is unfair because of the timing of the election, even the ballots are already printed; Democracy is affected in Sinaloa and Mazatlán and the Courts are there to solve problems not to create difficulties; We are surprised and we hope that the lawyers have done their defense work, said the Buenos Aires leader de Moreno

Is it a political-electoral coup ?, he insisted.

– “It seems that it is a perverse strategy to destabilize a candidacy; we are concerned that it is the electoral authorities that make such plays at the last minute, it is not worth it, it gives us to think other things ”.

Do you think that electoral authority is making the “fat soup” to Fernando Pucheta?

– “I don’t think so, because people have already decided for Morena; We have done a previous job and we are sure that we are going to win; we are going to be respectful of the resolutions, but we are going to leave this in the hands of the lawyers ”.


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