Mazatlan’s Jumapam find irregularities in the drainage of the Pino Suárez market


This Saturday, Jumapam uncovered various irregularities in the operation of the drainage system by carrying out desilting work at the José María Pino Suárez Market, in Mazatlán.

The paramunicipal deployed an emergent operation to abate a sewage spill in the supply center and found that the manholes were flooded with grease and food waste, as well as debris, which generated public health and image problems for the city.

“What we have here are two problems, the first of which is something that we have talked about in the last 2 years: most of the locals in Pino Suárez do not have their grease trap, as required by law, and they throw all kinds of the sewer system; the other is that the construction company that made the Leandro Valle collector left rubble in there; in short, the grease, waste, and debris collapsed the drainage network ”, explained Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, General Manager of Jumapam, who led the emergent operation.

In the beginning, an oxygen liberator was thrown to attenuate bad odors, then, with two sewer trucks, personnel from the Operations Management unclogged the drainage line and culvert network on Calle Leandro Valle, between Aquiles Serdán and Benito Juárez. Subsequently, with a clean water pipe, it was washed to clean the area affected by the spill.

Right there, the Jumapam Manager called the person in charge of the work to the scene and promised to clean the collector no later than Monday; In turn, the Jumapam Operations Manager, Engineer Arturo Valverde, issued instructions for the Department of Sanitation and Water Culture to carry out urgent actions so that tenants do not delay any longer the placement of grease traps in their drainage discharges.

The Mazatlan Post