Mazatlan authorizes the construction of a casino in the old ‘Cinema Gaviotas’


Unofficially it is said that it would be close to becoming a place for gambling or a restaurant, although it is not known what kind of food

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The demolition works inside the building that for almost half a century was the Gaviotas Cinema, in Zona Dorada, are in their last stage.

What would apparently follow, is to give way to the adaptation of what will be a gambling center of those that proliferate in the city, also known as casinos.

The property that was released in the first half of the 70s, as an entertainment center for moviegoers of that time, would be close to becoming a place of attraction for those who like to make sports bets or otherwise.

Jorge Estavillo Kelly , director of Planning and Development of the Mazatlán City Council, informed Reacción Informativa that the concessionaires, apparently, have had a construction permit for some time.

However, he left between seeing that he does not know what type of business the business he is planning to establish is about.

“They have had permission to remodel for a long time … they requested permission to remodel the building. I understand that it will be a restaurant,” he said, between doubts.

When consulting the workers in the property, they indicated that they did not know anything, apart from being prohibited from issuing any information regarding the project that is planned for that place.

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The Cinema Gaviotas de Zona Dorada opened in 1974 at the height of cinephilia in Mazatlán.

Last Wednesday, January 8, 2020, prior to the global pandemic by Covid-19, it screened its last function to lower its curtains and not raise them anymore, housing within its walls hundreds, thousands of stories of those who liked cinema in seats of those golden ages, ages up to the present.


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