Mazatlan’s Black Sirens collective protest for better management of its water resources


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After summoning the Mazatlan population to a march as a symbol of protest for the administration of natural resources, the feminist collective Sirenas Negras opens an environmentalist space in its activist agenda.

The group seeks to meet with more people interested in the environmental issue because they are concerned about promoting awareness of caring for the planet, so in their following activities, they will disseminate a letter on their Facebook page that seeks to collect signatures to take them to the agencies in charge. of the water administration in Sinaloa to demand greater dissemination and clarity about how and for whom the resources will be administered.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'SIRENAS NEGRAS NO ES SEQUIA ES SAQUEO Maniestac Man jueves1 de mayo 5:00pm Inicia nel monumento pescador'

“We are only asking for three points, which is citizen participation so that it begins to consult how the resources will be administered, the second point is that everything that is being done with water is made known, that is, for whom the resource will be allocated and finally, that the data be clear, recent and with greater ease of access, ”said Valentina Pérez González, spokeswoman for the Sirenas Negras collective.


The Mazatlan Post