Partiers defy the waves of Mazatlán with their vehicles (video)


The video was captured by tourists from a well-known restaurant in the port of Mazatlán and generates a multitude of comments regarding the risk these young people took when they defied the waves and made “spins” in the water.

Mazatlan.-  There are tortillas with cheese! An entertainer of events in a well-known restaurant in Mazatlán is heard saying, when a group of young people aboard a luxury truck and a Jeep, begin to make “trompitos” in the waves of the sea. 

In a 31-second video, supposedly recorded during Sunday night, the “feat” of these boys was recorded who, without measuring the risk, begin to get into the waters of the port with all unity, also carrying one of them, the Red jeep, a boy on top of the roof. 

The diners of the El Muchacho Alegre restaurant begin to express their amazement, but in the same way, they celebrate the young people who continued with their “grace” and overcame staying stuck and not staying at sea with the risk that this entails.


The comments were mainly about the risk, then about the damage to the luxurious units owned or loaned, they continued at full speed along the seashore, despite the fact that this is not allowed by the authorities. 

So far it is unknown if this group had any fines issued or even if they were arrested, several hours later, the Municipal Police did not report on this incident in Mazatlán. 

Just Sunday morning, it was reported that a night of partying ended badly for a young man in Las Glorias beach, Guasave, since when he got into the sea in an inconvenient state, he was pulled by the current and disappeared.


The Mazatlan Post