Mexico and Brazil targeted as next hotspots for the online gaming world

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Mexico and Brazil targeted as next hotspots for the online gaming world.

When one of the most prominent players in online gaming turns its attention to a new location, you know that it could well become a hotspot in the near future. That’s exactly what is happening today as Entain – previously known as GVC Holdings – has outlined its aim to penetrate the South American market with its online gambling products and services.

Mexico and Brazil are two countries that are gathering the attention of the biggest online bookmakers and casinos right now. Mexico already permits gambling from providers who have been authorised, which is regulated at a federal level. Brazil is a little trickier with gambling mostly classified as illegal since World War II, with a state-owned bookmaker as the exception.

So, why could they become the next hotspots in the world of online gaming?

Entain Targets South America

The Entain Group, like many other global casino and sportsbook behemoths, have turned their attention to South America after the recent successes last year. With a long-standing foothold in North America through online casino site PartyCasino Canada and their NJ arm, it was only a matter of time before their attention would turn south.

Despite Entain’s biggest market located north and in Europe, the group has announced its entry into Columbia. It will aim to enter other locations in South America in the coming 12 months.

Expansion into Brazil hinges on regulation in the country. Entain has redirected its brand and will only operate in regulated nations, meaning there is still some work to do in Brazil before cementing their place. In fact, Entain has already started working with local authorities to provide their expertise in making sure the betting market is fair, transparent and safe for everyone.

Regulations are hoped to be finalised by 2022. Then Entain will be jostling for a position to enter when the time does come around.

Regarding Mexico, the previous CEO of Entain was on record stating the best entryway into Mexico is using associations and working with new partners. The group is known to be analysing the situation and making preparations to enter the market there.

Entain Starting a Trend?

When a big player like Entain pledges its efforts to penetrate these markets, it is only natural that other online gaming countries will have had their heads turned. If they weren’t already making preparations and discussing the possibility to enter the South American market, they certainly would be now.

However, as the entrance into either Brazil or Mexico is not straightforward, you shouldn’t expect a flood of other providers straight away. Improved regulation of Brazil’s gambling industry may be a turning point for the country and provide exceptional economic benefits.

Information about Entain’s plans was released before a change in CEO, but this boardroom switch is not likely to change their aims.

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