Best Destinations to Visit in Mexico


Mexico is one of the best-known countries in Latin America due to the popularity that its tourist cities have achieved over the years. In this country, you will find beautiful cities that you will surely want to return to at the end of your trip to continue exploring. It doesn’t matter if you visit the north, south, east, or east of Mexico; you will always have something new to discover.

In this article, you will learn about three of the best destinations to visit in Mexico, their attractions, travel tips, and information to enjoy each of these breathtaking places.

Best Cities to visit in Mexico

Undoubtedly, and due to the popularity of these cities, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Cancun are three of the main cities you must visit if you visit Mexico. In these cities, you will not only find the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches in the Caribbean Sea, but you will also be surrounded by nature, luxury, and adventure during all your travels.

Puerto Vallarta (Archive)

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a coastal and touristic city located on the coast of Mexico’s Western Sierra, the Pacific Ocean, and belongs to Jalisco.

This city is considered one of the most romantic and inclusive cities in all of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta has more than 20 beaches and coves to enjoy the day lying in a hammock with a coconut in your hand while you enjoy the sun’s rays caressing your skin.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can’t miss extreme activities such as surfing, scuba diving, ATV rides, and even bungee jumping!

During your tour, you must visit Malecon Puerto Vallarta, one of the most beautiful and iconic places in the city, where you will surely want to capture incredible sunset pictures.

Los Cabos (Archive)

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico, and is one of the most popular whale-watching spots in Latin America! With a huge coral reef extension and paradisiacal beaches, snorkeling is one activity you must do in this beautiful city.

Despite being considered one of the youngest cities in Mexico, Los Cabos has managed to become one of the top 5 most visited cities in all of Mexico.

Made up of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, in these two beautiful cities, you can enjoy horseback riding on the beach, ATV rides in the desert, and even swim with dolphins in some of the city’s attractions!

The best thing about Los Cabos is that you can visit this beautiful city with your whole family because this city is so diverse in activities that you can do everything without limitations.

You can’t miss two places during your visit to Los Cabos: the love beach and the Divorce beach, although it sounds funny, they are two beautiful places that you can reach by boat or on foot, and near them, you will find the famous and iconic Arch of Los Cabos!

Cancun (Archive)


We have all heard of Cancun, and the first thing we think of is a party, beaches, sun, sand, and fun! But all this is only a part of what this small but incredible city has to offer; you can find water parks, beautiful beaches, underwater museums, and even enjoy the incomparable Caribbean-style nightlife.

Cancun is considered a small city but multiculturally excellent; you will find all kinds of activities. You will try basically any type of dish in the world due to the diversity of culture in this city!


Lodging in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos is diverse, but Airbnb lodging has become very common in these places due to its practicality and low costs. If you want a trip of comfort and relaxation, you can also look for an all-inclusive hotel to stay in and enjoy a beautiful view in front of the pool while enjoying a mojito!


Getting around these destinations will be easy. For example, you can get a private transportation service or a Cancun Car Rental service to go to your hotel, plazas, and nearby places. We do not recommend using a cab service in this destination; it is much more expensive than any other, and rates may change. Car Rental Cancun can also get you out of a lot of trouble if you want to move around the city too much (we recommend asking for unlimited mileage for safety and practicality when going from one place to another).

In Los Cabos, we recommend you to anticipate your transportation and book a private transportation service to go from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. The cost of transportation is cheap, and you will be able to move from your hotel to the main attractions quickly (unless you wish to go from city to city, we recommend a taxi or car rental).

If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta and it is the first time you visit this beach destination, Car Rental Puerto Vallarta is also a good option. You can also get a private transfer service to move around the city (although you plan to stay for more than three days, this is not a viable option).

Travel precautions

Before traveling, try to obtain as much information as possible about each of the destinations you will visit, research, and compare prices for rentals, lodging, restaurants, and even convenience stores so that your trip is safe. Follow the safe travel recommendations of each city or state and always try to carry your documents with you if you are a foreigner.

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