The garbage problem in Mazatlán has no end


The present administration does not apply “strong hand” against those who throw waste in the street

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Luis Morales Lizárraga, new director of Public Services, assured that the guard is not lowered in garbage collection, since the instruction has always been to leave the city clean.

However, he added that it is a matter that also concerns the citizens, who do their part, removing the waste on the days and times that correspond.

“We have always had the instruction, to keep the city clean. Do not let your guard down on that, we have commented on it on other occasions, it is an issue that society has to support us because we alone cannot, no matter how much we clean and clean if society does not help us, it does not do its part, it is a never-ending story, “he said.

Despite the fact that it is approved by the Police and Good Government Side to sanction citizens who throw away and take out the garbage at times, days and places that are not corresponding, during the present administration it has never wanted to apply “strong hand”, since they bet more to the awareness of citizens, a decision that apparently has not produced results.

” The faculties that we have in the direction is of fines, through urban cleaning, only to the businesses and to the side of police and good government it goes out of our faculties”, added.

Morales Lizárraga said that more than 100 fines have been raised in which it goes from the administration to shops, which, depending on the severity, range from 10 to 100 humas, that is, from 868.80 pesos to eight thousand 688 pesos.

Piles of garbage accumulate in the streets

Morales Lizárraga called on citizens to help them keep the city clean and considered that applying fines to citizens who take out the garbage at the wrong time could be a solution.

” That they help us, it is important that we go together in that cleaning issue because if we give the collection service to Infonavit Playas, Jabalíes, Alarcón, Conchi, ” he added.

Among other colonies that El Sol de Mazatlán have reported collection failures are Klein, Constitución, Fovissste Esperanza, Pino Suárez and Santa Fe.

In Article 79 of the Police and Good Government Side, throwing garbage, debris, dead animals or organic waste on public roads is a violation against hygiene and public health. The established fines range from 266 pesos to 443 pesos.

Of a fleet of 47 collection trucks, seven are decomposed, while there are 120 routes that are given collection service.


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