Safe Dating for Seniors: Key Tips


COVID-19 has made dating complicated, but it is now specially difficult for seniors. Even before the pandemic, shrinking social circles were the norm. When people retire, they lose contact with former colleagues. Meanwhile, friends often relocate to be near their kids and grandkids. So, what can you do to find a soulmate?

It is always stressful to start looking for love again. Luckily, online services and apps for senior dating make the search easier. Every day, they connect millions of singles around the world. The main difficulty here is adapting to this new technology. Here are a few suggestions to help you.

1.  Choose the Right Sites

Make sure the dating platform is suitable for senior candidates. Some sites have a stronger focus on older users, and therefore a larger candidate pool. For instance, there are sites for people over 50. Platforms for Christian dating also tend to have more older members. Of course, if you are looking for someone younger, the choice is wider.

2.  Do Research Before Meeting In-Person

This rule was essential even before the pandemic. When you think you have found an interesting man or woman, communicate remotely by email, phone, or video conferencing software. In 2021, some apps offer free video calls to help users connect safely. 

Take your time and try to learn about this person. Do a basic internet search if necessary. Dating sites are often infiltrated by scammers and catfishers. Be reasonable and do not arrange to meet in person too soon, before you are sure the candidate is using their real identity.

3.  Meet in a Public Place

Your first 2-3 meetings should always occur in public places. The first time, bring a friend along and ask them to wait at the other end of the restaurant or cafe. Make sure someone else knows where you are going, and that they will expect to hear from you afterward.

Now, it is still crucial to follow basic sanitary precautions. Wear a mask and maintain social distance. Some apps inform users if a candidate has been vaccinated or not.

4.  Protect Your Financial Information

This may sound extreme, but securing sensitive information is always necessary. Dating is no exception. Many fraudsters are skilled manipulators. They gain trust quickly and work their way into their victims’ homes. The damage is not limited to credit cards or personal possessions. Scammers also steal identities.

To Conclude

The pandemic has added new challenges to senior dating. At the same time, digital tools help retirees connect to more candidates they could ever find offline. Take advantage of this technology, but stay safe. When you do arrange to meet, choose a public place, and always keep your sensitive data protected.

The Mazatlan Post