The entertainment industry in Mazatlan has changed significantly over the last 20 years


Due to the massive spread of the Corona epidemic and lockdowns at certain intervals, the entertainment industry in Mazatlan has seen new trends which it has never seen before.  Due to the massive spread of the Internet, the world has started changing for the last twenty years. As most people stayed at home, Internet was the only option of the people for exposure to the outside world.

People who loved to play casinos games and earn money by gambling, shifted to online casinos. They got habituated to the comfort of playing casino games through their personal computer at home and the advent of the Smartphone aggravated this option to a great extent.  Keeping up with this trend, many online casinos came up in the market, but not all of them were found to be genuine. Many people in Mazatlan lost their money by investing in these dishonest websites. So, the best way is to invest in some reliable website like so that you do not end up wasting your money. The best part of investing your money in some reliable websites is that you can get some good tips from their experts and your investment will never get duped. All your winning money will be credited to your account at the previously mentioned time. To keep up with the trend, many such reliable websites have come up and you need to find such a reliable website first if you want to make money out of gambling in online casinos.

Not only the way of gambling, but the entertainment industry in Mazatlan has seen a sea change over the last twenty years. Let us discuss it one by one in this article here.

New types of entertainment

With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the entertainment industry in Mazatlan has seen a huge change over the years. The industry was more or less shaped by the influence of the Internet. Now let us see what types of new entertainment have come up in the market over the years under the influence of World Wide Web or the Internet.

I-gaming and gaming

Though video gaming is not very new, the modern day gaming with 3D features has definitely become a new source of entertainment among the younger generation of Mazlantan in Mexico. Most of these games are available online and with the advent of the Internet, is an easy access to the people of younger generation.

Keeping with trend, the concept of online gaming is increasing in popularity. This is for those, who do not prefer going to the land casinos and prefer doing gambling from the comfort of their home during their leisure time. This is being made possible with the advent of the Internet. The game developers are also coming up with new and emerging games to attract the gamers and keep them glued to the world of gaming with their new games with more features. This is considered to be a huge leap in the entertainment industry in the past twenty years.

Social Media

Social media has penetrated so much into the lives of the people of Mazatlan that no entertainment is complete without a mention of it on the walls of the social media. Though Facebook was launched in the year 2004, within a decade, it became a part and parcel of the lives of the people of Mazatlan. In the past few years, more platforms like Tiktok and Instagram came into the scene and more people of Mazatlan started getting involved in these social media platforms. Sharing funny and entertaining videos and messages has become a part of the entertainment platform to the people of Mazatlan. As more years are passing by, these social media platforms are becoming an integral part of the cultural landscape of Mazatlan.

Online Dating

Though this was a part of the entertainment industry long time back, but it became a part of the entertainment industry after the year 2010. Earlier, the concept of online dating was to find a partner for love and if it is a long time, it will convert into marriage. But as live in relationships started becoming the new fashion in the society, these online dating apps started becoming more of a place to have run rather than going for a serious relationship. But now the younger generation of the city of Mazatlan have become addicted to online dating with the help of their Smartphone, thanks to the invention of the Internet, in addition to it. Thus it can be said that these dating sites have become a very important part of the pop culture of Mazatlan. Young and free boys and girls meet here for entertainment and this has become a part of their entertainment in the past 10 years. They are really enjoying this platform to a great extent and it is expected to expand in the near future.

Long tail and short tail content

A major change in the entertainment industry in the last 20 years is the development of long tail and short tail content. Short tail content is defined as the television where a large and broader base of audience is targeted. Last twenty years has seen a massive growth of television based content in Mazatlan, where a large section of the population has felt attracted and has become a regular audience of the idiot box during some part of the day or the other.

On the other hand, the entertainment industry has also seen a significant growth in the field of long tail content, which includes the streaming services. The latter include the platforms like Netflix and ESPN where the content is more personalized. ESPN is famous for providing entertainment to the sports lovers, while other platforms like Netflix are well-known for providing only movie based content. Interestingly, it has been observed during the Covid lockdown time that there was a significant growth in the subscriber base of Netflix. It clearly shows the shift of the people of Mazatlan towards personalised content to a great extent.

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