124 Romanians detained and threatened with deportation from Cancun


The Romanian authorities filed a complaint with the Mexican Embassy to denounce that since January 30, 85 of their nationals are being held by immigration agents at the Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo, they have been isolated and even had their cell phones confiscated.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry confirmed that the complaint was received from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA, for its acronym in that country), which was forwarded to the National Migration Institute (INM), the body in charge of verifying the entry of foreigners into the country. While the INM reported that they are verifying the information.

They all arrived last weekend and after being detained, it is expected that they will be deported to their country.

This case was made known by the Romanian media, who have shown great disgust at the way in which their compatriots have been treated, in that country, they found out about the situation through the communication that those who somehow managed to establish. keep phones and tablets.

According to the Romanian authorities, the entry of the Romanians was denied because they did not properly justify the purpose of the trip, in addition, that alerts have been issued about their travel documents and it was also reported that a team appointed by the Honorary Consul of Romania in Cancun, Eduardo Albor, went to the airport to help the Romanians with food and water.

In some journalistic articles, they dedicate shots and minutes on the television news to the situation of their countrymen in Cancun, even mentioning in some cases being prisoners or kidnapped.

In the notes published in Romania, they assure that they were not explained why they were separated from the other passengers and that they were denied entry to the country without any justification, having contracted travel packages with agencies in their country. The response of the immigration authority is that the data on these events are still in process.

Without giving further explanations, Consul Eduardo Albor said that they were not admitted and that they will be returned to their country. Most of those detained arrived on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt and the others from Paris on Air France.

The Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo said that the only thing he knows is what the National Institute of Migration has communicated to him, they were not admitted, besides that, nothing.

Romania accuses arbitrariness of Mexico for retaining its tourists in Cancun

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, described as “inadmissible”, “hostile” and “arbitrary” the attitude of the Mexican authorities towards their compatriots

After agents of the National Migration Institute, held for almost 72 hours and at the end denied entry to more than 200 Romanian tourists at the Cancun International Airport, in Quintana Roo, this Wednesday the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bogdan Aurescu, described as “inadmissible”, “hostile” and “arbitrary” the attitude of the Mexican authorities towards their countrymen and asked for a formal explanation from the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard.

“What is happening is inadmissible, it is a hostile attitude on the part of the Mexican authorities towards Romanian citizens,” the official said during a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart, Arancha González Laya.

The Romanian minister reported that to date 102 of these travelers have been repatriated, while another 114 remain in the air terminal of the Mexican tourist port waiting for the Romanian Government to enable a plane to return them home.

“We are deeply concerned about the situation of Romanian citizens who planned to spend their vacations in Mexico and who have been affected by the recent decisions of the Mexican authorities.

“It is a situation that can lead to Mexico losing tourists, money and credibility as a travel destination,” said Aurescu, who since last Monday asked the Mexican ambassador to Romania, José Guillermo Ordorica, to report on the situation of his compatriots.

Until this morning, neither the Ministry of Foreign Relations nor the Ministry of the Interior, through the National Migration Institute, have issued official information on this case.

Romanians finally receive permission to enter Mexican territory

After several days of negotiations to comply with the corresponding immigration procedures at the Cancun International Airport, the 124 Romanians who were being held at the air terminal were able to duly enter Mexican territory.

Eduardo Albor, honorary consul of Romania in Quintana Roo, reported this afternoon that thanks to the intervention of Governor Carlos Joaquín González and the support of the office of the National Institute of Migration (Inami), it was possible to carry out due admission.

“In my capacity as honorary Romanian consul in Quintana Roo, I informed them that the due admission of the group of Romanian tourists detained yesterday and the day before is being processed,” Albor wrote on his personal Twitter account.

“I thank the Inami office in Quintana Roo for their support and Governor Carlos Joaquín for his favorable intervention,” he added.

Ionuț Vâlcu, Romania’s charge d’affaires in Mexico, also reported that the problem had been resolved, and expressed his gratitude for their support to Albor, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and its head, Marcelo Ebrard, as well as the National Institute of Migration.

“I am at the Cancun airport, where the entry of Romanian tourists who had problems in recent days in immigration control ends favorably. I especially thank Marcelo Ebrard, Eduardo Albor, and Inami for all the support and diligence ”, he expressed shortly after 6:30 in the afternoon.

The news caused a stir yesterday in several national media, after the retention of the Romanians at the Cancun airport was announced, which first came out through the media in that country.

The version was that the Inami denied entry to visitors from a flight from Germany since last Saturday, January 30. 

After four days held in a waiting area of ​​terminal one of the Cancun International Airport, immigration authorities confirmed that 102 Romanian citizens were repatriated to their country and that 114 were still waiting to return to Romania on an international flight.

However, yesterday, as reported by Albor and Vâlcu, the situation was resolved favorably and tourists were able to enter the country, once the immigration procedures had been corrected

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