There are tamales! The smell fills homes and offices of Puerto Vallarta


Mrs. María del Rosario Amaral García, better known as “Doña Chayito”, has been selling tamales for more than 20 years and always on Candlemas Day, there is no shortage of orders from companies and families that still celebrate this date; So more than 700 tamales made for this Tuesday with their respective atole.

Candlemas Day is celebrated every February 2; the purification of the Virgin is celebrated, the child God is dressed and taken to the church to be blessed. Later, those who found the child in the thread, invite the tamales.

Tamales and atole cannot be absent in the offices or at home, as is the case of Mrs. Chayito, who, accompanied by some members of her family, opened the doors of her home to Tribuna de la Bahía, to tell us about the preparation of her tamales, indicated that despite the pandemic, he had many orders.

“I break down the dough, I have my butter ready, I put chicken broth on it and all the dough is cooked, the stews are the same, we cook the chicken first, we fry the rib, we cook the chilies and tomatoes and if they are green, the tomatoes. 

Then we shred the chicken and the leg to add the juice. We also have slices with cheese ”. 

A few days before, he opened an order for this February 2, and people quickly filled his agenda, because they know the quality of his tamales. 

He had to shop in advance and make them since the first order was at six in the morning on Tuesday.  

She said she was happy that Vallartans continue to celebrate Candelaria Day and do not miss these traditions that characterize Mexicans. 

“It is a Mexican tradition that every year they have to pay for the tamales to whom the god child touched to celebrate.” 

On your table, you can see the pot with dough, the stews such as chicken, ribs, slices with cheese and sweet, the leaves, and the large steamer to cook for 2 hours. In addition to the Candelaria, Mrs. “Chayito” also had many requests for Christmas and New Years’.

He thanked all his clients for the trust they place in him every year to bring their delicious tamales to his table.

She commented that she has been selling tamales for 20 years because she did not want to have her children alone but she wanted to work. 

That is why he learned to make this food so typical of Mexico and went out to sell it on the streets. Unfortunately, she was run over, she stopped selling for a while but came back; now selling at his house in Morelos # 171 in Las Juntas, as well as in the December 5 neighborhood, he also attends orders from his Facebook page “Tamales Chayito”

It is worth mentioning that it is customary for the person who came out ‘the child’ in the Rosca de Reyes, is the one who offers the tamales and atole to their guests, since this date coincided in pre-Hispanic times with the blessing of corn in the Aztec calendar, an essential food in the Mexican diet.

February 2 would coincide with the presentation of Jesus in the temple, because according to the Law of Moses that is written in Leviticus, the Jews had to present their firstborn 40 days after their birth. 

When it was considered that the mother had eliminated any trace of blood from childbirth. Jesus was also introduced by his parents, fulfilling this period of 40 days, on February 2.

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